$creama reserves announcements

Here you can find announcements and updates about reserves spending. To track supply and reserves address please visit this page

23 October 2022
10k $creama added to staking farms

We added 10k carma to staking farms to make launch promotion and community distribution.

1 November 2022
800k $creama added to liquidity pool

Trading just started! We added 800k creama to traderjoe liquidity pool.

1 November 2022
200k $creama added to reserves addresses

We filled the reserves addresses with 200k $creama. Visit supply tracking page for more details.

7 November 2022
80 $creama sent in community rewards

We sent 80 $creama in the ongoing twitter marketing campaign.

8 November 2022
50k $creama burned from development reserve wallet

We did burned a total of 50k $creama from development reserve wallet.

23 November 2022
18600 $creama moved from taxes vault to staking farms.

We used 18600 creama from taxes vault to fuel staking farms session two. 6100-6132 credited to each farm for session 2 rewards (after on-chain tax deduction) .