Creama launch & supply details

Awesome, minimal tokenomics to help reaching another community, self-growth level.

From the very beginning, $creama started with fair launch without ico, presale or private sale. 800k (%80 MAX.SUPPLY) added to liquidity pool with 66 .1 AVAX int liquidity.
We made everything very clear for everyone to understand, watch and track!

$creama supply details

There was a total of 1 Million total/maximum $creama supply. Every transaction burns %1 of its total, making total supply decreasing forever!

Every transaction and each reserve address public for everyone!
We only use reserved funding using decentralized community voting.
Check supply announcement to get more details about every single $creama spent from reserves!

Supply Distribution

  • Liquidity 80%
  • Community rewards 5%
  • Staking Vault 2%
  • Editor rewards 3%
  • Marketing 1%
  • Development 9%


Added to liquidity pool with 40AVAX during launch.


Reserved for editors rewards in later stages.


Artists and community rewards and promotion wallet.


Reserved for marketing and promotions in later stages.


Reserved for powering staking early stages.


Reserved for further development and scaling.