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Creama is a community-powered/decentralized p2p digital asset built to support #creativity.

Limited maximum supply

Only one million total $creama will ever exist!
With 🔥0.4% burn🔥, $creama is super deflationary!

100% fair launch

No ICO, No pre-sale, No IEO
%80 of the total supply added to liquidity pool during launch with ~66 AVAX.

Built on Avalanche

Avalanche providing top notch L1 blockchain technology that's providing both low fees and super fast transactions.

Fully decentralized and community powered

Data server

%1 Tax

%1 of every on-chain transaction divided into 0.4% burn + 0.6% staking.

Staking vault

Stake your creama to get a share of tx. taxes. No locktime!

Ever increasing liquidity

Liquidity pool gets refilled monthly with %60 of the marketplace fees.

Community powered

Anyone holding 100 creama can post proposals and help building.

Voting powered reserves

Each transaction from the reserves made via community voting.

Transparent & clear

Anyone can check reserves addresses to have a look and track.

Expanding eco-system

We keep building & developing to bring all new features to $creama apps.

Artist rewards

Creative, original artists get rewarded via community votes.

Metaverse vision

Creama apps will be integrated into metaverse worlds to showcase art.

Built to be #valuable
digital asset

Well tailored tokenomics

Creama developed to burn %0.4 of every transaction and add another %0.6 to the staking vaults.
$Creama also developed to be a huge part of creativity.market. Thus, we add %60 of all fees (in AVAX) to liquidity pool monthly. Awesome?

Reliable, rewarding staking farms

Staking vaults gets filled with %0.6 of every on-chain transaction. Users simply need to stake creama or liquidity to get a share of this vault! Easy?

Fully decentralized digital art eco-system

Users can vote for every single transaction made from the reserves and track it!

You need to hold 1 creama to vote and 100 to creama to create new proposal.

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