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    Currently $creama is only available to be traded in decentralized environment. To access $creama and have it in your wallet you need to add avalanche c-chain blockchain to your wallet.

    Add $creama to your wallet

    After adding avalanche add creama to your wallet. For metamask :-

    1. Choose “Import token” and enter creama contract address (0x3947146f331b9ef6448064c6311cdd24d9467a1a)
    2. Click “Add custom token”. Creama should appear in your wallet after that.

    Buy directly from your wallet

    After adding creama you can swap (buy or sell) it directly on your wallet. Open creama, Choose any asset you want to swap with creama, confirm the amount and click “Swap”.

    *Please set the slippage to something between 1.1% to 1.5% to handle taxes and fees.


    Buy from decentralized exchanges

    You can trade creama from traderjoexyz exchange here

    1. Choose the asset and the amount you want to trade
    2. Approve the contract then click swap. After that, confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete the trade.


    *Slippage for trading creama in decentralized exchanges or wallets is %1.1-%1.5 .

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