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    What is ? is a virtual gallery where our editors handpick top and most creative artworks to showcase them everywhere. We have plans to integrate/open virtual gallery inside multiple metaverse worlds starting with decentraland where users can meet and collaborate together. We aim to provide one of the most #creative digital art experiences!

    There’s some “growing” benefits of getting your artwork listed on :-

    1. Ongoing advertising campaigns redirecting visitors and interested people to your artwork trading page. = More Views
    2. Ability to showcase in CG virtual metaverse gallery. Allowing people to view, collaborate and get inspired from your artwork.  = Much More Views
    3. Showcase in promotional metaverse events. = Tons of Views



    How we choose artworks?

    Our artists and editors choose the best artworks from and directly list it in There’s general requirements we focus on while choosing artworks:-

    1. Priced in $Creama (Soon)
    2. Original
    3. Unique
    4. Creative
    5. High Quality
    6. Has good description and title


    Submitting your artwork

    If you want to submit your artwork for manual review please communicate on the meant channel @discord . We always moderate the marketplace and our editors always working to pick the best artworks without even contacting the creator!


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