The Roadmap​

We always keep it updated with latest project progress and updates.

Q4 - 2022

SEP-OCT 2022

During Sep-Oct 2022 we did planned, developed and launched beta version.  We did testnet tests and “closed” beta before reaching public beta by the end of October 2022.

SEP 2022
Developing& Launching

We started from 2 team members grew to 9+ members. Started working all together to launch the beta version of the marketplace where we can start exploring the area and engage more artists and creators to join the #creativity mission. We created $creama to be the base economy asset for the project with future plans of making it the digital assets users need to trade #art inside multiple metaverse worlds.

OCT 2022
Artists engagement #1

Creators is one of the most important parts of #creativity project. Collaborating with artists to add their artworks and join our creative community.

NOV 2022

Platform beta release announced publicly. We launched $creama, started listing processes. 


We have plans to:-


  • Reach 250+ Artists, with at least one artwork/artist
  • Increase community engagement and events
  • Get $creama listed in Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and snowtrace
  • Communicate and find the best CEXs listings chances
  • Start first community rewarding phase
  • Get $creama contract and #creativity project audited by Certik and/or more auditors.
  • Dive deeply into marketing the project
  • Improve marketplace features, add new functions and enhance user experience
Beta Launch

We successfully launched beta version. $creama launched and started trading.

Listings applications #1

Applying for getting $creama listed on coinmarketcap, coingecko and snowtrace. Contacting CEXs for getting started with CEX listings.

Artists engagement #2 Hiring editors

Contacting artists to join our editors team. We have a target of reaching 5 editors working on moderating the marketplace 24/7 and handpick the most creative artworks to get highlighted.

Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listings

Creama listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko. We're working on enhancing listing pages and getting verified.

Collaborating and Exploring CEXs to provide centralized trading.

Communicating with some "Good volume" centralized exchanges to get creama listed in at least two different exchanges.

Community marketing campaign #1

Starting our first community marketing campaign with a target goal of reaching 500-1000 new community member/holder within November.

Adding $creama to more wallets and apps

We added creama logo to some wallets and working on adding more wallets, apps and dapps.

Enhancing platform & Preparing for the next upgrade

We did platform performance enhancements. Working on the upcoming platform upgrade with most requested features (Auctions - Verifications - Activity - Payment Splitting - Enhanced filters .. and more)

Starting decentraland integration researches

We started researching and building to integrate artworks to have our first virtual gallery inside a blockchain based metaverse world. We'll open proposals with further details upon completion.

Updating snowtrace creama page

We updated $creama page with more details about creama including all "current" social media channels, marketcap and price updates.

Adding Stable Liquidity Staking Farms

We added two new staking farms. Now taxed divided into three staking farms ( avax-usdt-usdc). We also enhanced staking experience to make if more user friendly.

DEC 2022

During the first days of December 2022 we supposed to have released. Another HUGE step forward on our project’s main goal of valuing #creativity right! After releasing the gallery, we’ll start marketing the highlighted “handpicked” artworks to attract every interested, #creative human all around. We will also release the first screens/previews of the marketplace final version (complete turnover upgrade). As for $creama, We’ll announce a better staking solution. 


We have plans to:-


  • Release & Start artworks marketing campaigns
  • Release security audits and other reports
  • Reach 500+ Artists, with at least one artwork/artist
  • Even better community engagement, contests and events
  • Get $creama listed in 2+ CEXs
  • Share first closed beta of “main” version with $creama integrated as one of two accepted currencies ($AVAX-OR-$CREAMA)
  • Release mobile apps
  • Start 2nd community rewarding phase
  • Start 1st Artists contest
  • Start 2nd marketing campaign
  • Explore available metaverse opportunities to make a virtual gallery where users can discover/trade/showcase… selected digital artworks (artworks listed in We currently have researches about sandbox and zilliqa’s metapolis. More will be announced later!
Releasing creativity gallery website is a website that showcase selective, hand-picked artworks from the marketplace. While the marketplace is open for public and anyone can list their artworks and digital assets, The gallery is only for verified, unique and quality artworks. Check it @

Starting first digital art contest

We announced the first digital art contest. Verified artist who minted artworks starting from Dec 07 to Dec 22 has a chance to win up to 250 creama tokens with a total prize of 1000 creama tokens. Proposal added to dao portal for holders to vote on contest payment.

Enhancing the marketplace platform

We currently upgrading the performance and overall code of the marketplace. Essential expected new features :- Collection minting - Auctions

Adding 3D models categories for specific metaverse assets ( for example:- decentraland scenes)

We are adding two new categories to the marketplace that are related to already launched metaverse worlds to examine how can we fill this market niche. Adding this feature will allow 3d artists and metaverse builders to mint their works (3d files) and allow users to trade them. We will start with decentraland scenes and decentraland wearables. The new categories will be added to the upcoming categories page + all minted assets will appear on discover/artworks listings page but it will not be added to homepage. More metaverse related categories will be researched and added on later stages.

Q1 - 2023

Within Q1-2023, We’ll be integrated into 1+  “well populated” metaverse world. We plan to add virtual auctions where users can collaborate and meet inside the selected metaverse world and attend live, limited/short-time auctions managed by our editors. $creama is the only accepted currency to participate in our metaverse experience. 

We’ll migrate the marketplace to the new “final” platform.

Q2 - 2023

TBA soon